This former A+ list reality star turned hated star turned comeback story is pitching a reality show about IVF and trying to get pregnant.

It has been done so many times before.

What would be even more interesting is if she ever actually had s.e.x. with her significant other.

Paris Hilton

Carter Reum

Paris Hilton Reveals Baby Plans With Husband Carter Reum

Looks like Paris Hilton has babies (lots of them!) on the brain.

The Paris in Love star talked about making parenting plans with her new husband Carter Reum on the April 6 episode of The Bellas Podcast with Nikki and Brie Bella.

“We’ve been talking about kids since the beginning, since the first couple months of dating,” the reality star revealed. “We’d love to have twins. I think that’d be amazing. We want three or four. I would like a twin boy and girl, just to get both, but whatever happens, happens. But I would love that or twin girls because I love girls.”

Though kids are on her mind, Hilton doesn’t plan on putting her DJ-ing, music and business careers completely on pause to become a parent.

“You can be a mom and you can still do everything,” she shared. “I’m, obviously, not going to travel like I used to. Before I was with Carter, I was on a plane for over 250 days out of the year for the past two decades, so it’s been a lot of traveling.” – Source

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