So, the former A+ list hated reality star who, over the years, had countless dogs disappear and die, suddenly shows an interest in one?

Has to be a reality storyline.

Paris Hilton


THE Los Angeles Dept. of Animal Services is finally paying attention to the plight of pets who have the misfortune to be purchased by Paris Hilton.

The celebutard brought the authorities down on herself when she appeared Wednesday on Ellen DeGeneres‘ TV show and confessed she had 17 dogs. The ex-con obviously didn’t know it’s illegal in LA to own more than three dogs unless you’re a licensed breeder.

The animal control squad paid a visit the next day to Hilton’s house in Beverly Hills, Page Six has confirmed. But when they arrived, they found the house vacant and undergoing renovations. All the dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and even a monkey had been placed with “handlers at a ranch” – possibly permanently, said SPCA spokesman Jeff Blodgett, who added that they gave Hilton a card, asking her to get in touch. (Paris has a history of de-acquisitioning her pets).

Earlier this week, the Kris Kelly Foundation repo’ed a cat they let Hilton adopt last year because she never returned to pick up the feline after she had been spayed.

Hilton was also accused of neglect in a thinly veiled blind item this week. Ted Casablanca reported on about a woman who, “upon leaving her house, often locks these pups in one of her many closets, supposedly to prevent them from making messies.” – Source

Paris Hilton Says She Hired Pet Psychic To Find Her Missing Dog: ‘I’m Desperate’

Paris Hilton is on the hunt for her furry companion.

In a heartfelt plea on Instagram, the DJ announced Monday that she’s searching for her four-legged friend Diamond Baby, who went missing last week.

“This is so incredibly hard for me to post because I’ve been at a loss of words,” Hilton captioned an Instagram post. “I was at a photoshoot and we’re moving houses and one of the movers must have left a door open. My family and friends have been helping me search high and low throughout my entire neighborhood and have gone door to door, but we still haven’t found her.”

The “This Is Paris” podcast host said she’s doing “everything in my power” to recover Diamond Baby, including hiring a “pet detective, a dog whisperer, a pet psychic,” and even researching “dog-finding drones” that could help locate the dog.

She told fans she’s “been in tears” and “so sad and depressed” without her treasured pet.

“Anyone who has ever loved a pet and lost a pet will understand this pain that I’m feeling,” Hilton wrote. “My heart is broken I have been in tears, so sad and depressed. I feel like part of me is missing and nothing is the same without her here. Diamond Baby is my everything, truly like a daughter to me. We were inseparable, she was my best friend and always by my side.” – Source


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