24 Oct, 2022


Disgusting. The new soon to be wife, was indeed on the set of the children's show.

8 Jan, 2022

She insists his other relationship isn’t real

This former A list tween star turned A- list adult singer isn't even trying to be discreet about sleeping with the late night actor multiple times over the past several weeks in several different cities. She insists his other relationship isn't real because she wouldn't be hooking up with him if the relationship was real.

26 Oct, 2020

She was having none of it

This back in the day A+ list tweener turned A-/B+ list adult singer in a "relationship" tried to hit on the foreign born A list female singer and the foreign born singer was having none of it.

22 Oct, 2020

The aliens app

I'm assuming the A- list singer in a family filed with singers will use her latest story about being pursued by aliens (she was probably wasted) to also shill for the conversing with the aliens app.

22 Oct, 2020

Not by choice.

Where do you suppose the celebrity sibling is getting the $10K per month to pay publicists to get in monthly magazines and tabloids and be put front and center? She is getting it from her much more famous and talented sibling, but not by choice.

29 Aug, 2020

She has given up on the idea of a reality show.

This flash in the pan celebrity who was caught up in a blink and you missed it love triangle with higher on the list celebrities, likes to make it seem as if she is living a jet set life on her own dime instead of the guys she is sleeping with who are footing the bill. Apparently she has given up on the idea of a reality show.