It turns out, the celebrity sibling of the former A+ list tweener also hates this former tween star turned A- list singer.

It was a hoo.kup for some press and then a ghosting situation.

Noah Cyrus

Sister: Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato

Video of Tana Mongeau kissing Demi Lovato goes viral on TikTok: Fans react in shock!

On August 7, Tana uploaded a TikTok that featured Demi. The pair were attending Paris Hilton’s party.

The video starts with Demi placing a kiss on Tana’s cheeks, but it soon becomes a bit more playful with their tongues. The YouTuber uploaded the clip, tagged Demi and captioned it as: “How we are off-camera 24/7.”

It did not take long for people to start commenting on the post.

One user wrote: “That’s enough of Disney, Tana.” To this, she replied: “omg.” The user was referring to Tana’s fake marriage to Jake Paul that soon came to an end.

Meanwhile, another user asked: “how did this duo even come to be.” To this, Tana replied: “the moment we met forever ago we knew bby.” – Source

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