I can think of some really bad stage moms and dads.

Some of them have done some truly awful things.

This stage mom is not the absolute worst I have seen, but she comes close.

The fact that her daughter is an A list mostly movie actress is probably still not enough for her.

This is how she got her daughter to the A list.

The mom started off way back in the day getting her daughter ready for her career in movies by putting her daughter on Adderall and the pill.

She wanted her daughter skinny and she wanted her daughter to not get pregnant. The mom would network and meet producers and directors and casting agents and the ones she felt worthy would introduce her daughter to.

She expected her daughter to have sex with the men and women she brought home to her daughter or to the home of the individual.

The mom would wait outside because her daughter wasn’t old enough to drive.

The mom would make the daughter watch porn to show her how to please men and women.

The mom is proud that her daughter has slept with all these people and doesn’t care how her daughter made it to the top.

The daughter has never fought back against her mom or her dad.

They are the only people she truly trusts.

She also couldn’t escape them even if she wanted to because they are always nearby.

Not Leo DiCaprio mom close by, but they are there.

When their daughter got the role that changed her life they were right there.

Apparently there have been some fights.

The daughter prefers women over men but the parents think it will ruin her career if she announces that.

They helped their daughter find her current girlfriend who has also been a quiet behind the scenes lover of some other actresses.

The problem is there are no guys and her fans only want her to be with one guy and that isn’t happening.

People have started to talk about the woman that is always there with our actress and eventually the pieces will all tumble together.

A list actress: Kristen Stewart
Role that changed her life: “Twilight”
Current girlfriend: Alicia Cargille
Fans want her to be with: Robert Pattinson
Lainey blind item

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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