This male celebrity screwed up and his celebrity wife kicked him to the curb.

He has made public statements about wanting her back and claims that he is doing everything possible to be a good and faithful husband. Ha! Not even close!

Cheater has a secret girlfriend!

Let’s talk about her.

She is a college student, which makes her a lot younger than Cheater.

Tall girl with long, blonde hair.

College Girl is attending school in the United States but is originally from another country.

She is not famous.

The couple was set up by a mutual Friend.

He has the same profession as Cheater, but is not quite as famous as him.

Friend is from the same country as College Girl.

Cheater and College Girl have been quietly and carefully dating for several months now.

He is rich, so he flies her out to stay with him wherever he goes.

So the next time you hear Cheater talking so sincerely about how hard he is working to get his wife back… know that he is shedding those crocodile tears right before hopping back into bed with his girlfriend, College Girl!

BONUS: (No It’s Not) Robin Thicke and Paula Patton!

Cheater: Lamar Odom
Wife: Khloe Kardashian
College Girl (not famous):
Friend who set them up:


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