This one named singer had a massive hot right before COVID hit.

She thought she was the bomb.

As she is discovering, the industry will throw you away in a second.

She thought she was way bigger than she was.


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Times are tough

She is always complaining about how she is a victim

I might have gone with food poisoning.

The world is going to discover she had almost nothing to do with any of the hit songs she has always claimed she wrote herself.

She is worried a recent legal action will show just how little she had to do with any of the hits on her record.

Lizzo expressed frustration in an Instagram post amidst ongoing legal troubles, citing lies told about her and announcing, “I quit.”

She detailed feeling constantly targeted and disrespected, especially due to her appearance, prompting her decision.

Despite her past contemplation of leaving music, it’s unclear if she’s taking a break or exiting the industry entirely.

Her representatives haven’t clarified.

Lizzo gained fame with her album “Cuz I Love You,” winning multiple Grammys, but faced controversy following a lawsuit from former backup dancers alleging harassment and discrimination.

Lizzo denied the claims, emphasizing her commitment to women’s respect.

Despite legal setbacks, she received a humanitarian award and performed at the Grammys, but hasn’t announced new music plans.

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