This one named former A list flash in the pan is always complaining about how she is a victim and that people bully her, but she is always someone who punches down and says bad things about anyone who doesn’t immediately treat her like an A+ lister at all times.


SZA Condemns Lizzo’s Twitter Bullies: “IT’S UGLY OUTSIDE ALREADY. Why Add?”

Even with her amazing vocal chops, Yitty design talents, and epic flute playing skills, Lizzo’s creative talent still hasn’t stopped haters from commenting on her body. Those with nothing better to do spend their free time on social media, making “jokes” about the recording artist’s plus-size figure, which she’s proudly been showing off for years now. The hate doesn’t always get her down, but when it comes in such massive waves, Lizzo has a harder time dealing with it.

In recent months the Hustlers actress has become more vocal about asking trolls to tone down their comments. Nevertheless, they’ve persisted, eventually leading Lizzo’s “Special (Remix)” collaborator, SZA, to speak out for her. “I be wondering where all the virtue signalling, well-spoken, shit-talking internet warriors are when someone genuine needs defending,” the TDE songstress pondered in a tweet this morning (June 13).

“Where the f**k do y’all be at for Lizzo? Do y’all actually know how to support others or only tear them down?” SZA asked in the same post. Minutes later, she had more to say. “So people don’t go to war for Lizzo on this app?” one obviously annoyed user wrote back to the original tweet. “NOT EF**KINGNUFF,” the “Drew Barrymore” hitmaker clapped back. “For as much free love, encouragement, and positivity she embodies [and] shares on every app daily? The ratios don’t add up.”

In yet another post, SZA continued to rant, “I also dgaf who don’t agree. It’s been on my mind for a minute, makes me upset. Just want everyone to practice kindness and shutting tf up more often cause GADDAMN IT’S UGLY OUTSIDE ALREADY. Why add?” – Source

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