I have written before about how this one named A list singer who came out of nowhere this past year doesn’t get along with people who work with and for her.

She has a really high turnover of employees that would normally stay in a position for years.

She has also ticked off song writers with her actions and now, the world is going to discover she had almost nothing to do with any of the hit songs she has always claimed she wrote herself.


Lizzo Sued Back by Songwriters Over ‘Truth Hurts’

Last year, the song “Truth Hurts,” by the R&B and pop singer Lizzo, was one of music’s most extraordinary success stories, a two-year-old track that became a No. 1 hit and established Lizzo as a bold and charismatic new star.

The authorship of “Truth Hurts” also became one of the industry’s most closely watched controversies, after Lizzo was accused by two songwriting brothers, Justin and Jeremiah Raisen, of taking her song’s signature boast — a wisecrack about the results of a DNA test, which itself came from a tweet — from another song they had written with her, and denying them credit.

Lizzo responded in October by suing the Raisens and another writer who said he was involved in the original track, saying their claims did not have “any merit,” and announcing that she would be granting writing credit and royalties to the woman behind the tweet that had started it all. By the time the Grammys came around — with Lizzo as a top contender — the controversy around the song was barely being talked about.

But on Friday, the Raisens filed a detailed counterclaim seeking credit and royalties on “Truth Hurts,” arguing that their work in a joint early songwriting session set the “DNA test” line to music. If not for the Raisens’ work as songwriters and producers in that session, they said in their complaint, “Lizzo would never have collected her Grammy Award,” for best pop solo performance on “Truth Hurts.” – Source

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