Before I even get into the details, I want all of you to know this will be revealed. It deserves to be. It needs to be. It is a sad sad tale. An actress, she thought she was going to be huge. She thought she was going to be a big big movie star. Everyone told her she would be. Agents and managers. Boyfriends and producers. Everyone wanted to be her and with her and she was golden. She listened to their words instead of words that wiser people told her. I used to know this actress. She was amazing. She did have that “it” quality. The thing is so do a bunch of other people in this town and they are willing to work for it. Our actress wanted it handed to her. Diva does not begin to describe her. Well, one very bad decision and our actress went from a nice solid B who was shooting for an A to an actress who is living off some perceived fame she had a decade ago and trying to make a living acting, but not doing a very good job at it. Sure, she makes enough money for the SAG insurance to kick in at the highest level. Good thing too. Since her fall from grace, our actress has enjoyed the company of booze, drugs and some really bad choices when it comes to men. Her sometime boyfriend also thought he was going to be an A lister. Everyone told him he would be and he believed them and had much the same tale as our actress. Our actor loved booze and drugs and loved throwing his weight around and loved throwing around women too. He loved nothing more than getting some coke and a woman and ordering her around for the night. It was inevitable that these two would hook up. Their drug crossed paths meeting several years ago. Both of them washed out. He was hanging on better than her. Guys can look rough. Women can’t. Not in this business. Her drug use was just getting to that tipping point where there was no return. Neither of them had a ton of money, but at the time she still had looks. Not movie looks, but really good looks for the rest of the world. Escorting. He would set it up. At first she went through an agency and would give him some money and the rest was for drugs. They got tired of sharing money with the agency though so he took over. He ended up keeping most of it and would beat her if he thought she was holding out on him. Pretty soon her drug face was not even good enough for escorting. She was not street walker material yet, but she was offering 15 minute specials which is almost there. He would be in the bathroom or outside the hotel room door while she was with guys, to get his cut. The dealer was never far behind. The amazing thing is she did keep getting some roles. She does work. She is just not getting the roles she thought she would get. What keeps her working is that she is a very good actress. When the acting money runs out though, she is turning tricks and earning a buck and our actor is never far behind, always looking for his cut and still beating her if he feels slighted by her.

Popular guess: Monica Keena/Edward Furlong


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