This former B-list actress, had a bright future ahead of her, but the trauma she went through as a child star was just too much for her to deal with and she fell apart.

If people knew how badly her parents exploited her, especially her father, it would probably be criminal.

So many things were covered up…including being abused by a much older producer for a long period of time, that resulted in a pregnancy her father made her ‘take care of’ a number of years ago.

Everything this poor girl went through was swept under the rug.

There are a handful of people who know…one of them being this A+ list actor.

After recent pictures came out showing the actress’s parents parading her around with a team of paps they hired, he was said to have blown a gasket and wanted to know why they were selling pictures of their daughter when she’s barely functioning as it is.

The rumor is she does not want to be with her parents right now, but if she doesn’t stay with them, the conservatorship they keep threatening her with is back on the table.

The actor is trying to find a way to help the actress, but there’s not much he can do right now.

She’s not going to get better with her parents running the show.

Look how that turned out the first time.

Actress: Amanda Bynes
Producer: Dan Schneider
A+ list actor: Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Reynolds, John Travolta


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