Reader Blind: This pretty teen grifter is finding that her trips across the country to “testify” against healthcare for a minority of people are drying up and the money isn’t coming in like before, so she’s turned to plugging psychedelics.

This is despite posting thirst traps to try to catch the eye of the older, conservative men with warped little girl fetishes that usually pay her way.

Chloe Cole

Chloe Cole is known for her story as a detransitioner. She began her transition to male at 13, including taking puberty blockers and testosterone, and underwent a double mastectomy at 15. However, she later regretted these decisions and detransitioned in 2021. Cole attributes her initial decision to transition to factors like body image issues, early exposure to LGBTQ content, and a lack of female role models. Diagnosed with autism and ADHD, she believes these conditions contributed to her gender dysphoria. She is now an advocate against gender transition procedures for children, describing them as “child abuse” and “medical experimentation.” Cole’s experiences have led her to speak out publicly, sharing her story to raise awareness about the risks and impacts of early gender transition.


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Chloe Cole testified before Congress, urging them to stop gender-reassignment therapies and surgeries for minors. She shared her personal experience, stating that she believed she was born in the wrong body, and trusted adults in her life who affirmed this belief, leading to what she described as lifelong, irreversible harm. She called this a major medical scandal and asked Congress to end it to protect other vulnerable teenagers and children.

Cole criticized the Biden administration’s support for “gender-affirming care” and argued against telling young children that they were born wrong and can choose their puberty. She emphasized that puberty is a natural part of growing up, not a disease.


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