In a recent appearance, this A/A- list actress didn’t do a very good job of throwing people off the scent of her relationship with her former co-star.

She did make it clear that she wasn’t a fan of a different former co-star.

Kerry Washington

Tony Goldwyn

Scott Foley

Kerry Washington Jokes Scandal Costars Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn Were Mad ‘for Years’ over Kissing Answer

Kerry Washington’s Scandal costars weren’t too happy with her behind the scenes after she was asked to judge them on their kissing.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 45-year-old actress revealed that Tony Goldwyn, 61, and Scott Foley, 49, were “pissed” at her for refusing to declare one a better screen smoocher.

The daytime show host asked the actress in 2014 whom she preferred to kiss: Goldwyn, who played President Fitzgerald Grant, or Foley, who joined in season 2 as B613 spy-slash-assassin Jake Ballard.

At the time, Washington deflected and said neither. On Thursday, she explained to DeGeneres, “I thought I was keeping the peace by saying I don’t like to kiss either one of them but they were both pretty pissed for years.”

“Like ‘Why would you say that on national television?'” Washington joked.

DeGeneres, 64, then suggested Washington could’ve said she liked to kiss both men “equally,” to which Washington responded, “Who says that? No.”

Even though Scandal officially wrapped in 2018, Washington still refused to share which actor she enjoyed kissing more, zipping her lips and smiling when asked again by DeGeneres. – Source

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