3 blinds in a row

3 blinds in a row: She knows nothing will happen to her / He was there too. / She has been paying 100 times the cost to make sure she has some.

No crew.

This former television couple who are a secret real life couple managed to spend a week together on a boat off the Mexican coast earlier this summer. It was just the two of them. No crew.

She purposely removed her ring.

This A list mostly television actress from multiple hit shows rarely wears her wedding ring any longer. For her latest national ad campaign, she purposely removed her ring. She is making some definitive steps towards her long long time boyfriend/co-star.

A no show from her husband

A no show from her husband and a really impressive bouquet of flowers from the former television co-star of this A- list actress at a big event for her new project.

3 blinds in a row

The used to be wants to be gain actress sibling of the permanent A list "singer," sees an opening and started following the singer on social media again. Opportunistic much? / The first person this B+ list comic actress told about her engagement was that A list actor ex with whom she keeps in constant communication. / This former A list mostly television actor from a now defunct network show took a quick flight north of the border to meet up with his former co-star after an event she attended in the same city.