Last week already gave rise to the fact these two co-stars are even more in love than ever.

Now, the actress has just gone full on overboard to publicly love on him.

Just make it official already.

Kerry Washington

Tony Goldwyn


Kerry Washington surprises fans with a racy TikTok video featuring her on-screen romance with former co-star Tony Goldwyn from “Scandal.”

The video, part of a TikTok trend, humorously highlights Goldwyn’s transformation before playing her love interest on the show.

Despite the playful tone, Washington urges followers to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Fans express amusement and appreciation for the nostalgic nod to their on-screen chemistry.

@foxellacomKerry Washington Tony Goldwyn #Scandal

♬ original sound – foxella

Both actors, married in real life to other partners, continue to share friendly moments, maintaining the excitement from their “Scandal” days.

Washington’s witty response to a fan’s comment showcases her humorous approach to engaging with her audience.

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