The A-list political talking head said that religion was not really her thing, when she appeared on this A-lister’s show a few months ago.

When our talking head began publicly feuding with her other A-list talking head/co-worker, she began quoting Bible verses incessantly.

Candace Owens


Ben Shapiro

Rapper M.I.A. opens up about her newfound faith in Jesus, reflections on the Black Lives Matter movement, and her experience as a target of ‘cancel culture.’

Rapper M.I.A. spoke with conservative commentator Candace Owens during an interview that aired in February 2023.

The artist delves into the details of her conversion to Christianity, sharing that she discovered Christ during a trip to the Caribbean after facing backlash for her critiques of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Even before the widespread protests triggered by George Floyd’s death in 2020, propelling the BLM movement to greater prominence, M.I.A. has been vocal about her concerns. Her criticism revolves around the movement’s focus and its alleged oversight of persecuted people groups in other countries. Known for stirring controversy with her comments, the 47-year-old aims to advocate for peace and stability in her native Sri Lanka.

“You cannot define things by race,” the rapper told Owens. “If one people are oppressed in one place and another people is oppressed in another place, it’s still oppression. … And if you identify the oppressor, which is what the whole BLM thing is, … we’re discussing oppression, and there are valuable conversations to be had.”

Born in London, M.I.A.’s early years were shaped by her family’s return to their native Sri Lanka when she was just a baby, driven by her father’s fight against Tamil oppression. At the age of 10, the family became refugees, seeking safety in London. – Read the details here

The Ben Shapiro And Candace Owens Blowup Explained

Infighting at conservative media outlet “The Daily Wire” went public this week as the company’s co-founder Ben Shapiro and show host Candace Owens traded escalating personal insults over differing views on the Israel-Hamas war, with Shapiro encouraging her to quit, and Owens responding by calling him “emotionally unhinged.”

Conservatives have previously criticized Owens for her statements, including a post on X in which she said “no government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide,” though she clarified she did not mention Israel or any other country.

Owens posted a series of Bible verses Wednesday, including that “you cannot serve both God and money.”

Shapiro responded in a post liked 26,000 times, telling her that if “taking money from The Daily Wire somehow comes between you and God, by all means quit.”

Minutes later, Owens, accused Shapiro of “acting unprofessional and emotionally unhinged for weeks now,” and called him “utterly out of line for suggesting that I cannot quote biblical scripture,” garnering more than 50,000 likes on both posts.

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