If there is an actor in Hollywood who could use a therapist, it is this former A+ list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee.

The amount of things he does and gets into, is overwhelming and most of them are beyond the pale.

Most of his fetishes are over the top.

One of his exes threatened to split with him unless he went to see a therapist.

The relationship didn’t last, but he acquired a new fetish.

Breaking every kind of ethics rule, the therapist slept with our actor.

They saw each other for awhile and then they split.

But, our actor has been through dozens of female therapists over the past decade and switches whenever he gets turned down or after he sleeps with them.

He has literally gone through nearly every female therapist in the Los Angeles area.

Nicolas Cage

With ‘Dream Scenario,’ Nicolas Cage Reclaims the Memes

In his latest dark comedy, the star takes on the role of a man who begins appearing in people’s dreams—a metaphor for viral fame that he finds oddly therapeutic.

Cage previously parodied himself in “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” but he dives even deeper into satire with “Dream Scenario,” set for a limited release next Friday. Produced by Ari Aster and written/directed by Kristoffer Borgli, the A24 film features Cage as Paul Matthews, a mild-mannered college professor who unexpectedly becomes a recurring figure in others’ dreams.

Paul, yearning for fame like his more celebrated counterparts, experiences a rollercoaster with the unexpected wave of viral stardom. Yet, as the collective dreams morph into nightmares, the hapless professor is left defenseless in the face of the impending public backlash.

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