This former A+ list TikTok star turned failed actress has two high profile churches fighting for her “business.”

They know she will bring in a lot of new people into whatever church she chooses.

High profile influencers can make a ton of money right now if they can get their followers to attend specific churches in person or online.

Addison Rae

Members of the Christian community criticized TikTok star Addison Rae for a social media post they saw as disrespectful to Christianity.

In the post, Rae wore a bikini with religious phrases like “father” and “son” written on it, sparking outrage.

The bikini, a collaboration between Adidas and Praying, also featured “holy spirit” on the bottoms, symbolizing the Holy Trinity.

Rae deleted the post following the backlash but hasn’t publicly explained why.

Some condemned her actions, warning of consequences, while others defended her right to dress as she pleases.

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