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One thing that we forgot to share back during the Oscars came back across our radar recently.

At a pre-Oscars party hosted by a big talent agency in Coldwater Canyon, this (A+ list action director) was sneaking around outside to meet up with this (former reality star turned A-/B+ list mostly television actress), who was ditching her companion.

She and the Director were making out and doing some heavy fooling around, and assumed they were unseen by others.

But their plan was transformed when this (A- list mostly movie comic actor who started out on television) stumbled upon them while looking for a place to make out with his own pickup for the night.

Being drunk, high, or obnoxious – the funny guy thought he was funny in acting like he was going to announce his discovery of the couple to the whole party.

The Director shut that down with a sharp punch to the gut, and a severe threat.

After recovering, the not-so-funny guy went around spilling the news to everyone there, who were happy to mock her since she’s earning a reputation as a coucher and climber.

The Director had already left, and the actress/singer was forced to endure the whispers and laughs the rest of the night.

Director: Michael Bay

Mostly television actress: Katharine McPhee

Comic actor : David Spade

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