Same guy for all. Foreign born A+ list director. James Cameron (Canadian)

1 – Once showed his wife at the time a video of himself being orally serviced by another woman. He started telling his wife how much better the other woman was until his wife walked out. Linda Hamilton, other woman Suzy Amis Cameron

2 – Took time off from his honeymoon to one of his wives to have sex with the actress he later cast into her big break. She has A list name recognition despite being a horrible actress. Jessica Alba – Dark Angel , wife Suzy Amis Cameron

3 – Cast an entire movie based on whether the actresses auditioning would show him their breasts during the audition and the probability they would have sex with him during filming. “Piranha Part Two: The Spawning”

4 – Cast a woman for a role and when she showed up to shoot the first day called her a “fat f**k” because she had gained a couple of pounds. For the entire shoot that is how he addressed her. Kate Winslet – Titanic

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