19 05, 2020

The List – Let that sink in a bit.

Every year, for many years there has been a list posted. A top 10 list of the most famous celebrities who like a certain form of animation. Until his death, this permanent A+ list actor was always at the top. When he died, a number of celebrities tried to push their way to the top.

9 01, 2020

All he does all day is drink and do drugs.

This back in the day going to be a huge star teen who was in an installment of a massive franchise directed by an A++ list director and starring a foreign born permanent A+ list actor, is so out of it right now that his sex workers have all left him and all he does all day is drink and do drugs.

9 12, 2017

No sex – no parts.

If you think the Harvey Weinstein scandal is HUGE, it could be the TIP OF THE ICEBERG! A large assortment of actresses are lining up to accuse a very famous and successful A-list director of all kinds of revolting crimes against women.

29 09, 2017

Hopefully a good book comes out of this.

Production is underway and the rumours about this A list director’s behaviour are already rampant with several sources claiming he’s a nightmare to work with. I’m already hearing some bizarre stories about his foul treatment of cast and crew. Hopefully a good book comes out of this.

9 01, 2017

It took him aback and was completely out of character for the actress and the role, but she was cast by the day’s end

It's not unheard of for actors and actresses to land some of their most famous roles in unconventional ways. Naomi Watts, for example, earned her most famous role in Mullholland Drive when David Lynch saw her headshot and liked what he saw. Larry Hagman won the part of J.R. Ewing when producers of Dallas saw him in an old movie and liked a certain mannerism of his that fit their vision of the ruthless character.

7 03, 2014

Losing mates twice to actors?

This prominent Director has amassed many awards over their career, including at least one Oscar. However, they are not quite so lucky when it comes to love! Our Director was once hitched to Another Famous Director. However, that spouse cheated on Our Director with an Actor. That infidelity led to the eventual termination of their relationship. Our Director eventually moved on to a quiet, multi-year relationship with a big-time Producer. Everyone in Hollywood knew about their interesting personal/professional relationship, but it didn’t get a lot of attention outside the industry. Well, guess what? The Producer dumped Our Director for an Actor, too! The Producer and Actor dated for a short time, and then quietly got engaged. Losing mates twice to actors? That’s got to hurt. Especially because Our Director still has to work with The Producer!