This B+ list actress/former girlfriend to the serial woman beater says there won’t be anything sexual on her Only Fans page.

Uh huh.

Give it a few months and she will be naked just like everyone else.

Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran defended her decision to sell pictures and videos of her feet on OnlyFans after facing criticism.

She clarified that it was not a sign of financial trouble but rather a strategic move.

Tran emphasized that her content would not be se..x ual and highlighted that foot fetishes are common.

She also mentioned donating a portion of her earnings to charity and supporting her team through this venture.

Despite backlash, Tran stood by her decision and pointed out that OnlyFans hosts a variety of professionals.

She announced her OnlyFans debut and addressed concerns about her financial situation.

Tran’s decision sparked mixed reactions from fans, some questioning her motives and others supporting her choice.

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