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They knew he had to work early in the morning.

They knew he would be either alone or with just one person in the house.

They already made sure the outside security cameras were not working.

They were waiting for him that night when he got home. He managed to sneak past them by using the doggy door to get inside the house.

He went inside and hid.

The only other person who could have saved him, left five minutes later.

The A list singer was alone inside his house.

They took their chance and killed him.

They knew he would be alone.

They knew people would call it a suicide.

They were right.

Chester Bennington

Chester Charles Bennington was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He was best known as the lead vocalist for Linkin Park and was also lead vocalist for the bands Grey Daze, Dead by Sunrise and, between 2013 and 2015, Stone Temple Pilots.

Chester Bennington’s widow speaks out on his death: ‘It’s nobody’s fault’

The widow of late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has spoken out about the late singer’s battle with depression, and the impact of his suicide.

Bennington passed away in July after taking his own life. He was just 41-years-old.

Appearing at the Canadian Event Safety Summit to discuss mental health, Talinda spoke about the events that led to Bennington’s death, and how others can seek help. She revealed that he’d been deeply effected by the loss of friend and Soundgarden icon Chris Cornell.

“My husband had had a past… in the past, he had attempted suicide, but I thought to myself, ‘It was ’cause he was wasted. He was this or that’,” said Talinda. “So [before] he did pass, I thought very naïvely, we were in the clear.

“We had a very, very dear friend, Chris Cornell, take his own life. And I felt that, ‘Okay, Chester sees what Vicky and [their] kids’ — we’re godparents to their children — ‘what they’re going through and this will never happen.’”

Speaking of their final days together, Talinda revealed: “He was very excited to be promoting the new album and doing stuff, so he was happy. He gave me a kiss goodbye, he gave the kids a kiss goodbye, and I never saw him again.”

However, Talinda also spoke of the sorrow of Bennington’s relapse into alcohol after being sober for almost six months.

“[It was] shame that he had just begun to share with me in the couple of months before he died, shame I didn’t even know a person could have,” she continued. “So when he passed, and I learned that there were two empty beer bottles in the room, I knew he had relapsed, but I also knew he wasn’t so intoxicated out of his mind like I would have thought. I knew instantly that that drink triggered that shame, triggered a lifetime of unhealthy neural pathways.” – Source

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