At the peak of her popularity, our actress (Louise Brooks) maybe reached A- list.

It was after she retired from acting that she became a muse/icon that many books and comics and movies have used her as inspiration.

She is considered one of a kind.

Although she had a successful career after acting, it took a good decade for that to come about.

In between acting and her new job, she was an esc0rt.

It isn’t a secret, she talked about it. What she did keep secret was that she primarily was a Dominatrix to very very wealthy people.

Extreme wealth.

There was the owner of a NFL team (George Preston Marshall/Washington Redskins) who would get tortured by her in the evenings and beg her to marry him in the day.

There was the broadcast legend (William Paley) who kept her on retainer for years, just so she would always have time for him when he could get a few minutes to be with her.

When she embarked in her later career, which made her A list in the part of the world in which she was working, she didn’t stop being a Dominatrix, she just didn’t brag about it.

There were a handful of men at the top of this photo company (Kodak) who could afford her services, and she would see one each day Monday to Friday and then have weekends for herself.

Did I mention the alliterate permanent A list actress (Greta Garbo) she once had a fling with too?

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