You have to realize that this former A+ list hated reality star used to be involved with the underage loving/woman beating porn producer who is a fugitive from his own country.

She used to be a threesome/coke partner and if he had brought home the very underage foreign born actress, our former reality star would have said exactly what she said on social media.

Paris Hilton

Millie Bobby Brown

Joe Francis

Paris Hilton called Millie Bobby Brown, 15, ‘hot’ and Evan Rachel Wood is not happy about that

Evan Rachel Wood just called Paris Hilton out on Instagram.

The “Westworld” actress responded to Hilton’s comment on Millie Bobby Brown’s Instagram post following what Wood called an objectifying comment from the socialite.

When Hilton noted the “Stranger Things” star looked “hot,” Wood quickly responded in Brown’s defense.

“She’s 15,” Wood simply stated.

The Instagram post shows the Netflix star posing in a leopard mini dress. “♡same dress but v different day♡,” Brown captioned the image.

This is not the first time that controversy has arisen from Brown’s Instagram. In January, Brown hit back at trolls who told her to “act your age” after she posted photos of herself wearing a tight snakeskin mini dress and heels.- Source

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