The deaths were really far apart, not in the same place, and not in the same manner, but there is evidence that the mysterious LA hotel death years ago is related to the death of the actress who died not that long ago.

Related in the sense that the same people did it.

Whitney Houston

Anne Heche

Was Whitney Houston murdered?

A Los Angeles private investigator, experienced in investigating celebrity drug cases and suspicious deaths, has made a sensational claim that Whitney Houston, at 48 years old, was murdered by two individuals sent by powerful East Coast drug dealers to collect a $1.5 million debt.

Paul Huebl, a former police officer, insists he has presented compelling evidence to the FBI, suggesting that Houston was targeted by these two men, who were part of a group of casually dressed associates. Although unfamiliar to most of Whitney’s entourage, they frequented her hotel room in her final days. Huebl alleges that the men were captured on the hotel’s CCTV entering Houston’s suite, Room 434, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel around the time of her death.

Conspiracy Theorists on TikTok Are Saying Anne Heche Was Murdered

A theory circulating suggests that Anne Heche may have been killed because of her involvement in the film “Toxic Skies,” which centers around a conspiracy to manipulate the population with a fake pandemic.

Additionally, in the QAnon community, which is deeply concerned with pedophilia, some have focused on her upcoming film addressing human trafficking, believing that she intended to expose elite pedophilia and was murdered before she could do so. Despite these theories, her film is still scheduled for release.

“She was Clintoned,” one person wrote simply about Heche’s death.

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