Of course the boyfriend of this foreign born former A list singer everywhere but North America is not moving in with her or moving for her.

It would mean splitting from his real significant other.

Paul Solomons

Kylie Minogue

DOWNER UNDER Kylie Minogue’s boyfriend Paul Solomons WON’T move back to Oz with her – and they’ll attempt long distance relationship

KYLIE Minogue’s boyfriend has decided not to move to Australia with her, meaning they will live on opposite sides of the world.

The singer, 53, has told friends she is determined to make her relationship with Paul Solomons, 47, work long distance despite her decision to head back Down Under.

She is returning to her home city of Melbourne after 30 years living in London to be closer to her family.

It means Kylie will be 10,500 miles away from her partner of three-and-a-half years.

However, some believed Paul would go with her following his decision to quit as creative director of GQ magazine.

But the Welshman, who was born in Caerphilly, told her he intends to stay in the UK. – Source

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