This actress was probably A- list at her peak.

She said when she was very young she used to be offered up as a prize when her A- list actor father really needed to land a role.

There is talk that one man went too far which is how he ended up being burned alive and not because he had been smoking a cigarette.

That man was the father of two celebrities and the ex-husband of another.

Actress : Tatum O’Neal

Actor father: Ryan O’Neal

Burned alive: Jack Cassidy
Kids: Shaun Cassidy, David Cassidy
Ex wife: Shirley Jones

Jack Cassidy, Actor, Dies at 49 In Fire at Los Angeles Apartment

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 12— Jack Cassidy, whose career took him from Broadway musicals to film and television roles, died today in a fire that swept through his penthouse apartment.

The actor’s badly burned body was found in the apartment and identified by the Los Angeles Medical Examiner through dental charts, according to a spokesman for the county sheriff’s office. Jewelry belonging to Mr. Cassidy was also found on the body, said Rowland Perkins, the actor’s agent.

Mr. Cassidy, 49 years old, was formerly married to Shirley Jones and was the father, from a previous marriage, of David Cassidy, the pop singer. The fire in which he died extensively damaged the interior of his penthouse apartment arid, according to fire officials, was apparently touched off by a cigarette left smoldering on a couch. – Source

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