I have two very good sources when it comes to this particular celebrity. She is a permanent A list celebrity. Nothing will ever take her off that perch. Sure, she is not at the peak of her fame any longer but she will have A+ list name recognition until she dies so that kind of gives her A list celebrity status permanently too. There are two stories of why she broke up with her boyfriend. I know lots of you don’t even know she broke up with her boyfriend but she did. The reason though is disputed. Both good sources. I can’t decide which is right. Maybe they both are.
#1 – Her boyfriend was with our celebrity on a vacation. The celebrity caught her boyfriend and her daughter in bed together and broke it off. Here is my problem with that version. I’m not sure the celebrity would care. It is not like our celebrity has never cheated. Yes it is with her daughter but her daughter is of legal age where the incident happened. I also find this one hard to believe just because I always thought the boyfriend actually preferred men and was sucking it up for the fame and fortune of being with the celebrity.
#2 – Our celebrity broke up with the boyfriend shortly after she hooked up with her A list ex. A few months ago the two did hook up. There is no question about that. She thought it would be fun to see how he had changed since they split and she got caught up in what all women get caught up with him which I just don’t see. Instead of one night together they ended up spending three and he has cut back on his hookers the past couple of months while talking to his ex. They are still together. They don’t see each other very often but they do get together at least once every couple of weeks.

Celebrity: Madonna
Boyfriend: Brahim Zaibat
Daughter: Lourdes
A list ex: Sean Penn

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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