We thought we’d give you a little peek behind the scenes of a famous family. It’s especially timely because one of the members of the family has been causing trouble again. This celebrity couple had a rocky relationship from day one. And by rocky, we mean Rocky. The Actor has an anger problem. And a substance abuse problem. Put the two together, and he’ll take a swing at whoever gets in his way during a binge.

His crazy, belligerent behavior continues to take its toll on his ex and their entire family and his job. His Actress ex knew about his problem/s from the beginning. But he was handsome and famous and has more than one famous relative, so she constantly made excuses for him. Fortunately, she was able to extricate herself from the situation before it was too late.

She hasn’t really moved on, though. She is gorgeous and available, but have you seen her out on a single date this year? No. Why not?

Because she is scared of her ex! He still calls the Actress – usually after he has been binging – to alternately yell at her and to beg her to come back. She isn’t about to go back to him, but she is also scared to date someone else, because she knows that he is crazy jealous and loses control rather easily. His kids from a previous relationship don’t want to spend with him either. We do not know exactly what is behind that – if it’s his addiction, his anger issues, or something else – but it’s never a good sign when even your kids want to avoid you. Finally, his celebrity parents are having troubles in their own relationship, some of which can be attributed to their constant fights over the Actor.

The Dad makes excuse after excuse for him – perhaps because The Actor had a disastrous childhood – while the Mom has been calling for rehab for years. Of course, The Actor swears that he is going to clean up his act. After every crazy binge and fight he swears that he will never drink again. But it always does. First rule of addiction: Addicts are liars. It affects his work, too. Everyone in the industry knows he has a serious problem.

Some still hire him. Some avoid him like the plague. He’s lost out on more than one major role because of his drinking.

How can you have someone anchor a franchise when you don’t even know if he’s going to show up for work the next day? We still think he has a chance at a good life and a long, successful career… but only if he goes to rehab.

Fortunately for him, Mom (who can be an incredibly demanding woman) is the loudest voice in the room right now. We should know in the week or so if she got through to him.

The Actor: Josh Brolin
The Actress: Diane Lane
Dad: James Brolin
Mom: (step) Barbara Streisand
Franchise: “Jurassic World”

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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