A rejected advance from another guy is the leading theory of how this teen ended up dead at a party last year.

Noah Presgrove

Noah Presgrove’s mysterious death has left his family searching for answers. Noah Presgrove was found deceased on September 4, 2023, along US-81 in Jefferson County, Oklahoma.

Despite an autopsy ruling blunt force trauma as the cause of death, questions linger about the circumstances.

Noah’s brother, Dailen, suspects a cover-up, pointing out inconsistencies at the scene.

Photos showed scattered teeth and extensive injuries, raising doubts about a simple accident. Autopsy reports noted a fractured skull, broken ribs, and the scattering of his teeth, which are indicative of significant violence.

While authorities have ruled out a vehicular incident, the manner of Noah’s death remains undetermined.

His last moments were spent at a party documented on social media, raising further questions.

Family and friends recall a night of heavy drinking and risky behavior, adding complexity to the investigation.

With no clear resolution, Noah’s family seeks closure and urges anyone with information to come forward.

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