This former A- list actor who had a hit television role which also once played out in the movies thinks he quit Hollywood.

It quit him because no one would hire him.

Adrian Grenier



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Adrian Grenier explains his permanent move from Hollywood to a Texas farm: ‘It was lackluster at the top’

Adrian Grenier spoke about the reasoning behind his permanent move from California to Texas in Austin Life Magazine’s June issue.

The 44-year-old actor, best known for his role as Vincent Chase on HBO’s hit show “Entourage,” said he first bought a property in Austin five years ago and immediately took a liking to the city’s culture.

“I had friends here, I ran a business here, and liked the pace. Austin is cosmopolitan without being snooty; it’s earthy,” Grenier said. “People are smart and successful but they don’t flaunt it. There is nothing to prove, people accept you and it felt good right away.”

One year ago, the New York native made the leap and relocated full-time to a farm in Bastrop, a city that sits 45 minutes outside of the capital. Grenier told the magazine that he’s already planted a fruit forest and plans to eventually build a wildlife sanctuary on the property.

After living in Los Angeles for years and being involved in environmental activism (he co-founded impact investing company DuContra Ventures and a non-profit organization called Lonely Whale), Grenier said he felt separated from the causes he advocated for.

“I have been doing environmental work for the last 20 years. I’ve started organizations and run non-profits, all designed to tell people to live more in line with nature — and yet, I wasn’t living that way,” he said.- Source

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