This blonde actress – who is a previous awards nominee/winner – attended the Golden Globe Awards with her man last night.

Not everyone in the room was convinced that the couple is authentic.

The husband of an industry guy who was there last night tells us what he knows:

I know that guy!

I recognized him as soon as I saw him!

He used to go clubbing in L.A. years ago.

He was f*ck buddies with this other guy I know.

I was shocked when someone told me that he is with [Actress].

He is definitely not straight.

Does she know that?

Even more interesting than the man’s history is how another actor – who is also a previous awards nominee/winner – reacted to him.

The funniest part was when I saw [Film Actor] flirting with [the man], talking real close and rubbing his back.

He was all over him.

He knows which way the guy swings.

Perhaps there was just some sort of magical connection between the man and the Film Actor?

Brie Larson
Fiance: Alex Greenwald
Film Actor: Eddie Redmayne


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