I have been calling out both YouTube brothers for years about their se.xual assaults.

Even when victims come forward like this past weekend, nothing ever happens to the brothers.

At this point they must feel they can get away with drug sales, arm sales, rapes and whatever else, because no one has done nothing to stop them.

Logan Paul, Jake Paul

Justine Paradise

Jake Paul accused of sexual assault by TikTok star Justine Paradise

YouTube star and boxer Jake Paul has been accused of sexual assault by TikTok sensation Justine Paradise.

Paradise detailed the alleged assault in a 20-minute video on YouTube released last Friday, claiming it happened at Paul’s Team 10 California residence. Paul on Tuesday said he “categorically denies” the allegations.

The 24-year-old TikTok star said she initially met Paul through friends in June 2019 and exchanged numbers. Despite a series of interactions with Paul, also 24, that Paradise dubbed “awkward,” the pair hung out several times at his home.

Paradise recalled that on the day of the alleged assault, while at his house, they had an encounter that started off consensual.

“One of those days, I was in the studio — some people were recording down there — and Jake pulled me into this little corner area in the studio and started kissing me,” Paradise said. “I was fine with that. I did think he was cute.”

After Paul took Paradise to his bedroom, she claims, he grew frustrated at her reluctance to engage in sexual intercourse and eventually forced her into having oral sex despite telling him “no” several times. – Source

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