Tale of Lucifer’s Luscious Statues: Church hires a sculptor for a Lucifer statue, he makes a hot one. Church fires him and hires his brother, he makes even a hotter one :) 🔥

Picture this: Belgium, 1840s – The Saint Paul Cathedral wanted to make their stairs look fancier, so they called up Joseph Geefs to sculpt Lucifer. And boy, did he deliver!

Meet “L’Ange du mal” – a sassy Lucifer, oozing sex appeal, draped in… well, barely anything.

But here’s the kicker: Lucifer’s smoldering presence was too much for the church to handle.

So, in its place, Geefs’ brother Guillaume was tasked to create a less tempting rendition.

But oh, Geefs couldn’t resist upstaging his bro. He unleashed “Le gĂ©nie du mal” – Lucifer 2.0, complete with chains and talon-like toenails.

The best part? The model for these statues remains a mystery! Cue the drama.

Today, Lucifer still steals the spotlight, with Satanists lining up for a piece.

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