Which alliterate former talk show host is rumored to be a surprise presenter at the Grammys this Sunday?

Wendy Williams

This A list mostly movie actor with at least one massive franchise, has always said no no no whenever this drama school asked him for something.

Then, he has a bunch of flops and bad press, and it is sure I will headline your fundraiser.

Adam Driver

Juilliard School
private performing arts conservatory in New York City

This one named former A+/A list singer says she was used by this actor/director to distract from the very young woman he is hooking up with.

He wanted to present an image that he was dating women of appropriate age.


Kevin Costner

This two named manager was all over a tiny brunette at a party this week.

There was no sign of his very high on the list significant other.

Rich Paul

The Core Entertainment 2024 Kick-Off Party


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