This actor is A- list and is on a soon to be ending show.

He has been acting for much of his life and been a jerk for just about as long.

This week he yelled at his girlfriend when she wouldn’t stop eating when he was ready to leave.

Cole Sprouse


Ari Fournier

All the tributes to the NFL legend who died.

What about all the women he beat and raped?

Why are you going to give him tributes?

Jim Brown

This A- list actress who started on television but is not allowed to do television any longer, was being texted by her controlling husband every five minutes while she was shooting a movie this week.

Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds tells Wrexham player to ‘put a shirt on’ around wife Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds has revealed he repeatedly tells Wrexham AFC player Ollie Palmer to wear a shirt around his wife, Blake Lively.

The Hollywood actor and Wrexham club co-owner shared on the Fearless in Devotion podcast that the striker has made it a habit of greeting Reynolds’s wife while shirtless.

“Every time we’ve come as a family and stuff, we’ll walk down to the locker room, and Ollie’s the first guy that walks out of that dressing room completely shirtless to have a conversation with my wife,” the Deadpool star, 46, recalled on Tuesday.

“I’m always like, ‘Ollie, put a f***ing shirt on and come back out like a gentleman,’” he joked.

Reynolds, who purchased the Welsh soccer team in 2020 with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney, added that Palmer is “one of the best guys we know” – despite constantly being told to wear clothes around Lively. – Source

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