This B-list mostly television actress and this B-list mostly movie actor with A-list name recognition from a famous family, had a horrible break-up after her affair with this C-list television actor was exposed.

Her husband was desperate to work things out and put their family back together, she walked away and never looked back.

He then went into a huge downward spiral of drinking and drugs that he will be lucky to survive.

His current girlfriend, this D-list wannabe actress, is doing her best to trap him in marriage before he bottoms out.

An unplanned pregnancy got him on the hook for the next 18 years, and now she wants the ring to make sure the money goes to her should anything happen. As of now, because the actor is still desperately in love with his ex wife, everything will go to her and their child(ren).

The D-lister hates the actress because all he does is use and cry about wanting his family back.

It’s gone from just heavy drinking and recreational drugs to the heavy stuff in a serious way.

Instead of getting him help, she’s taking a page out of the “LeAnn Rimes How to Trap a Man Handbook” and is doing her best to provoke a war with the ex-wife over their child(ren).

The actress has always been known as a bit of an ‘Ice Queen’ but the kid(s) are her weak spot.

The D-lister LOVES to exaggerate her relationship with them and rub the ex’s face in it.

This mean girl gold digger is the last thing the actor needs at the moment.

Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Christina McLarty


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