This family friendly entertainment conglomerate did everything in their power to make the charges against the boyfriend of their newest star go away.

They thought they had it solved, but had the rug pulled from beneath them.

So, now their star will show up for screenings and press and the story of the boyfriend will make it into every article about the movie.



Halle Bailey
Little Mermaid

‘Little Mermaid’ Star Halle Bailey’s Boyfriend DDG Hit With Gun Charges

DDG reportedly faces multiple misdemeanor charges following his June arrest for gun possession.

According to TMZ, DDG was charged with one count of carrying a loaded weapon, one count of carrying a concealed weapon and one count of reckless driving. The Los Angeles City Attorney brought charges against the 24-year-old rapper after the Los Angeles County District Attorney didn’t.

A few months ago, DDG claimed the case had been dismissed. He said he avoided misdemeanor charges in a video posted on social media.

“My case has been dismissed or rejected,” he declared. “I don’t got a felony, and I don’t got a misdemeanor.”

If convicted, DDG could be sentenced to a year in jail for each weapons charge. The reckless driving charge comes with a maximum sentence of 90 days behind bars.

DDG is dating singer Halle Bailey, who’s been making headlines as the star of the upcoming film The Little Mermaid. Disney’s live-action remake of the 1989 animated movie premieres in 2023.

Ahead of The Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey starred in her boyfriend DDG’s “If I Want You” music video. The video has racked up well over a million views since its release in August. – Source

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