The team behind the cleaning product actor are about to sue his biggest accuser who is also a victim.

Apparently they planted some information which she then used to make an accusation which isn’t true.

Now, they are going to sue her for that in a bid to completely discredit everything else she said.

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer’s dark family history – ‘sex thrones’, abuse and fraud

Armie Hammer has been at the centre of shocking abuse allegations with several women accusing the actor of emotional abuse and violence.

Following the allegations – which have been strongly denied by Hammer and his team – the movie star has stepped down from a number of a high profile projects – including a romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez and a Paramount series looking at how The Godfather was made.

Last week, the actor cleared the last remaining project in his diary; a starring role in the Broadway production The Minutes.

The 34-year-old, who shot to fame in The Social Network and more recently the Netflix adaptation of Rebecca, said he had made the decision for the ‘sake of his family.’

Armie is under investigation from the Los Angeles department for an allegation of sexual assault in 2017, which he strongly denies.

The actor’s legal team dismissed a rape claim against their client as “outrageous” and Hammer himself has continued to deny all allegations of wrongdoing.

Armie’s attorney previously said the assertions were “patently untrue” and said that any sexual activity involving Hammer were “completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.”

The allegations are the latest among his family’s dark history that were unleashed in a Vanity Fair expose last month, which claimed Hammer men have been known to have a ‘dark side’ going back five generations.

The report claims the family’s first foray into scandal came in 1919 when Armie’s great-great grandfather, Dr. Julius Hammer, gave the wife of a Russian diplomat an abortion.

The woman, Marie Oganesoff, died days later with Julius convicted of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced to three and half years in Sing Sing prison.

When Julius was incarcerated, his 22-year-old son Armand Hammer quit his career in medicine to take over the family business, Allied Drug.

In 1921 Armand is save to have moved to the Soviet Union and married a Russian singer named Olga, with whom he welcomed son Julian.

By the 1950s Armand had divorced Olga and his second wife Angela and moved to Los Angeles where he married for a third time to a woman named Frances Barrett Tolman – who he made a fortune off after investing her money into Occidental Petroleum.

According to Vanity Fair, Armand also made money through ‘wide-ranging grifts, including laundering money; using artwork to fund Soviet espionage; bribing his way into the oil business; and knocking off Fabergé eggs.’

Julian’s daughter Casey claimed that she had started to watch HBO’s satirical drama Succession but had to turn it off as it was ‘too much like’ her own family.

“God forbid you did anything wrong in front of his friends. You couldn’t wear the same dress twice to his gala parties. On the outside, we had to be the perfect family,” she said of Armand.

The illusion was very publicly shattered the day after Julian’s 26th birthday when he killed a man outside his Los Angeles home over a gambling debt and suspected advances towards his wife.

The story hit the headlines but charges were dismissed after Armand reportedly got a friend to hand $50,000 in cash to a lawyer in Los Angeles, reports Vanity Fair.

While in her 2015 book Surviving My Birthright Casey made allegations that Julian had sexually abused her when she a child.

More claims followed and the gallery was accused of selling a total of 63 forged pieces. It turned out the art was the work of an unknown artist in Queens.

Ten lawsuits were settled and one went to trial in 2016 with Sotheby’s chairman Domenico De Sole and his wife accusing the gallery of selling them a fake Mark Rothko for $8.3 million.

The case was settled an hour before Michael, who was not personally accused of wrongdoing in the alleged fraud, was due to testify in the case.

One source told Vanity Fair the Hammer family had a habit of ‘spending other people’s money’ and called them the ‘lucky sperm club.’ – Source

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