Speaking of permanent A list athletes, perhaps next time he visits this particular country, and he promises one of the leaders a certain amount of money after what he did to a woman in the country, he would be well advised to pay the money.

Floyd Mayweather


What is going on:

Davis’ Claims:

Gervonta Davis, a boxer linked to Mayweather, said Mayweather was stuck in Dubai because he owed money to the wrong people. Davis suggested Mayweather’s safety might have been in danger.

50 Cent’s Reaction:

Despite their past fights, 50 Cent believed Davis and offered to help Mayweather financially if needed.

Mocking Mayweather’s Reading:

50 Cent made fun of Mayweather’s rumored reading problem while promoting his own stuff.

Mayweather’s Diddy Comments:

Mayweather said he wouldn’t judge Diddy’s legal issues publicly. 50 Cent criticized Mayweather for being hypocritical and insensitive.

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