Free for less than 24 hours and the permanent A list “singer” is with the felon drug dealer/grifter who she has given thousands of dollars to and this time when she crashes and burns, no one will do anything, or at least that is what people think.

She technically still does have a minder with power who can go into court.

By the time she does though, my guess is our singer will be in jail or dead.

Britney Spears

Paul Richard Soliz

Britney Spears, seen for the first time since settling a legal battle with her father, Jamie Spears, was spotted with her ex, Paul Richard Soliz, in the San Fernando Valley.

They were in a Mercedes SUV when Spears, sitting in the passenger seat, kicked up her heels, cracking the windshield. Soliz, a felon, has been linked to Spears since 2022, though their relationship status is unclear.

Spears’ outing follows her settlement with her father, where she’s reportedly furious because she’s footing his $2 million legal bills while getting nothing.

The legal battle over her conservatorship, ongoing since its end in 2021, continues. Spears has accused her family of exploiting her wealth and limiting her freedom, including denying her the ability to marry or remove her IUD.


Soliz, 37, was with Spears, 42, when emergency services were called to Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont due to reports of an injured woman.

Despite the ambulance’s arrival, no one was taken to the hospital.

Spears was spotted leaving the hotel barefoot with a pillow and blanket.

There’s uncertainty about Soliz’s involvement.

They met in 2022 when he worked on maintenance at her home while she was still married to Sam Asghari.

Spears and Soliz reportedly started dating after her split from Asghari.

Soliz has a criminal history, including misdemeanors and charges related to firearm possession. He maintains that he’s not a bad person and owns his own business.

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