Mischief Not Managed

A no show to a very big event bearing his name this past week.

Apparently things have hit a very rough patch between this A+/A list mostly movie actor and his significant other.

Apparently though, it has nothing to do with the very young member of the waitstaff he met at a different party and spent two nights with instead of going to his big event. The reason for the rough patch is because the wife was supposed to take care of some issues that happened on another continent that has been plaguing our actor for several years.

The family of the 16 year old that was nearly killed falling off a cliff while fleeing from our actor is making more noise.

The money has yet to be settled because the 16 year old is going to need medical help for life.

What was supposed to be hush hush and done, is still out there.

It nearly came out two years ago when I first wrote about it.

George Clooney

Casamigos Halloween Party – Amal Clooney did not attend

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