15 Oct, 2020

4 blinds in a row

The former A+ list rapper is now being accused of trying to get a loan from a bank last year using falsified documents. The documents valued his company at a multiple of 60 of what it is actually worth. / The celebrity spouse of this A+ list mostly movie actor/sometime director has been sharing an apartment with another man. / I have assumed it was either a jealous lover who didn't like her yachting with others or an ex. It turns out though, a family member is the beneficiary of a multi million dollar life insurance policy. Opens up a whole bunch of other avenues to explore. / One of the reasons for the fallout between this A list rapper and her sister is because it is really bad form for the sister to have slept with the husband of the rapper.

29 Dec, 2019

He always has proclaimed innocence to his wife

This A+ list mostly movie actor/part-time director is on the outs again with his wife after she discovered he paid at least $10M to the family of one of his victims. He always has proclaimed innocence to his wife and that it was all a shakedown.

6 Oct, 2019

Information about the death has been traded.

Several years ago, right here in this same space, I shared a story about this permanent A list mostly movie actor who from time to time directs. Our actor was involved in the death and the cover up of said death of a minor who had been sexually assaulted. This happened outside the country and whatever investigations there have been have been half-hearted because law enforcement doesn't want to anger their high profile neighbor.

5 Oct, 2019

The trouble is still there

Apparently the months long fight between this A+/A list mostly movie actor and his wife because of horrible things from his past that she was pulled into, is over. The trouble is still there, so it is curious why all of a sudden she decided it was worth it to be back together, or appear so in public at least.

3 Feb, 2019

The half dozen nannies are being cajoled to support one side or the other

As I have previously mentioned multiple times, this A list couple thought of their children as little more than props that didn't get them the attention they thought they would and basically ignored them. Apparently though, since their decision to split, there has been a huge war between the pair over custody and who loves the children more.

20 Nov, 2018

When people looked at her, the celebrity tried to clarify and said this month.

This A- list celebrity was talking with some other women this weekend at an event. The topic turned to se-x with your partner. At first, the A- list celebrity said something to the effect that she and her A list actor husband had only had se-x once or twice this year. When people looked at her, the celebrity tried to clarify and said this month. Uh huh.