I don’t think this reality star who is married to a reality star and has a sibling who is also a reality star really would have had much of a music career.

That being said, the A list singer/sometime actress has sabotaged the career of at least one other singer.

That one ended up dead.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt

Sibling: Holly Montag

Lady Gaga

Lina Morgana

Why is Lady Gaga being accused of murder?

The rumors started on October 25, 2008, on Yahoo answers. “I saw a TV show that was dedicated to Lina Morgana. I was not aware of her death. What happened to her?” wrote user Lorre W, after seeing a 2008 episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories on which Morgana was featured. “Her MySpace page says she died tragically on October 4, 2008. I can not find an article or obituary for her. She was so young and talented…”

Five days later, the same question popped up in a forum on FindADeath.com, a site dedicated to exploring celebrity deaths. Two months later, on MyDeathSpace.com — a forum site tracking the social media accounts of people now deceased — a poster wanted to know: How could an up-and-coming singer die “tragically” without any outlets covering it?

Today, Lina Morgana’s name and story can be found all over the darker corners of the internet, but it’s the MyDeathSpace thread that has lasted the longest, beginning in December 2008 and continuing until 2015. Over those seven years and 550 posts, users dug up personal information about Morgana and her family and hypothesized about the circumstances surrounding her death. It continued well past the discovery that Morgana had died of apparent suicide, having jumped from the roof of a 10-story hotel in Staten Island. On September 26, 2015, user Alison Worthington linked to a Supreme Court order reversing a ruling that found the hotel guilty of Morgana’s wrongful death, adding, “[this] puts at least a couple of conspiracy theories to rest.”

But the conspiracy theories had spread far beyond the scope of this fringe site for morbid curiosity, and a court document couldn’t possibly be enough to tamp them down. You can find them easily, varying slightly based on the writer. Depending on who you listen to, Lina Morgana was a real person, but her death was faked. Or she did jump off that roof, but it was because she was under psychic control of the Illuminati. But the most common theory by a long shot, still tweeted with consistency, and written up as recently as November 2016, is that she was murdered — by Lady Gaga. – Source

Heidi Montag Claims Lady Gaga Stole Her Song and Shut Down Her Music Career

Today in news truly no one was prepared for, Heidi Montag is out here claiming that Lady Gaga stole her song. Speaking on the Unpopular podcast, via Hollywood Life, Heidi said that she was working with producer RedOne and ended up recording a version of “Fashion” (which Gaga wrote, btw).

“[RedOne] and I were going to pair up and we were going to do what him and Lady Gaga ended up doing, which is writing every song together and producing,” she said. “He was like, ‘I just need to get the consent of the writer.’ And so I just thought Lady Gaga was a writer, because she was a writer on the song. And he was like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna cut ‘Fashion’ with Heidi. I have her in the studio, she loves it.’ And [Gaga’s] like, ‘Great. Sure, she can have that song.’ So then I recorded it and it was my song. That was the impression I was under.”

Clearly, said impression was…incorrect!

Heidi went on to explain that she recorded the song and used it during an appearance on The View but that Gaga then recorded it for the 2009 Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack. “It’s hard because people are like, ‘I love Lady Gaga!’ And I’m like, ‘I’m sure she’s great but I have not had the best encounter with her.’”

“She did not want me working with RedOne and she told RedOne she wouldn’t work with him anymore if I kept working with him,” Heidi continued. “And he’s like, ‘I’m sorry. She’s my writing partner for huge things.’ We even went out to dinner with him several times and we were hanging out with him and she pulled the cord. And I was in the studio with her producer before she came out, so I think she saw that RedOne is one of the biggest and best producers and writers and if he takes Heidi, that’s taking my magic. He wrote ‘Just Dance’ for her, he wrote almost every song with her and produced it. So of course she’s not going to want to share that when at that moment, I was a potential rival for what she was doing.” – Source

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