The alliterate talk show host is fine.

Her detractors, which include anyone associated with her ex, spend all their time, trying to make her look bad.

Wendy Williams

Kevin Hunter

IS WENDY OK? Wendy Williams fans fear for star after she appears ‘incoherent’ in bizarre new video after checking out of rehab

WENDY Williams is back.

But some fans have expressed their fear the former talk show queen should have stayed away from the spotlight, especially after she returned with a bizarre and incoherent podcast announcement.

Wendy, 58, released a video Wednesday hyping up her new podcast, The Wendy Experience.

The yet-to-be-released show entices fans to: “Jump on board for the new wave and everything Wendy Williams! The Wendy Experience will be unforgettable!”

But it seems fans would already like to forget Wendy’s promotional video, which included a series of seizure-inducing flashes and quick cuts, old video of the former star on her bed, and a mangled vocal track.

“Hey!” Wendy’s voice calls out, before instantly breaking down into an incoherent gargle.”

After seemingly laughing at her own strange noises, Wendy is able to say: “Yeah, it’s me, at my apartment.

Her voice sounded deeper than usual, as she slurred her words.

“It’s going to be a heck of a bumpy ride, so what you do is follow the follow.”


In the comments section, fans were noticeably worried about her mental health.

“Still struggling with coherent sentences, like ‘follow the follow’!?.” one fan shared. “Ditch these people in New York and go live quietly with your family in Florida and heal.

“This won’t end well.”

A second fan asked: “What does ‘follow the follow’ mean? Why not just show a video of her talking clearly without all the distractions?

“I love Wendy and want her back but only when she’s fully ready.”

One fan worried about her “serious health concerns, including her ability to comprehend and coherently converse.”

Earlier this month, Wendy was released from a California rehab facility where she being treated for “severe alcoholism” and other health issues. – Source

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