19 10, 2020

Apples and Oranges

There are all kinds of apples. But this one in this story is a green, sour apple. It’s in a bowl of fruit with a bunch of peaches and a tasty orange. The apple thinks it is the best fruit in the bowl. "There is no one like me," it thinks. The peaches are just happy being peaches. The orange just does its thing. It likes the fruit bowl just fine, but sometimes she likes to roll out of the bowl and do other things.

27 02, 2018

Linda has always assumed she was the highest paid.

Imagine being plucked from obscurity to be on a reality show. Suddenly, you need an entertainment attorney to handle your contracts. Back when this all first started, many members of ensemble casts would find out about an attorney from another cast member and that is why so many of them have the same attorney. This is a really bad idea, but they didn’t seem to know that at the time. The only time you want the same attorney as someone else on the show is if you are bargaining as a group. A husband and wife for example. Yet many members of ensemble casts across franchises are still using the same attorney.

3 07, 2014

Her costar is being courted by other networks as well and may even move to LA to pursue the opportunities

A reality TV housewife recently attended Bravo’s Upfronts along with a few of her co-stars. We’re told, Bravo execs showered this reality TV housewives’ co-star with a ton of attention which caused the reality TV housewife to FUME! This reality TV housewife loves being the center of attention (don’t they all)? There was a HUGE buzz at the Upfronts about something her costar has planned with the network. The reality TV housewife avoided her costar all night. It seems her costar is being courted by other networks as well and may even move to LA to pursue the opportunities. Any idea who the "reality TV housewife" and her "costar" may be?

4 02, 2014

We are starting to see Mom’s side of the story

He may or may not be a scrub!! But maybe this housewife should of listened to her mother. After all the fights between this Atlanta housewife’s mother and her fiancé, we are starting to see Mom’s side of the story. This Housewife’s fiancé was spotted out on the town over the weekend. Sources spotted this mystery man at Phillipe Chow’s in Beverly Hills, allegedly trying to holler at all the baddies in the building. All we can say, if this is how dude acts in LA, we can only imagine how he will get down globetrotting, handling international business. Can you guess who we are talking about?