There are all kinds of apples. But this one in this story is a green, sour apple.

It’s in a bowl of fruit with a bunch of peaches and a tasty orange.

The apple thinks it is the best fruit in the bowl.

“There is no one like me,” it thinks.

The peaches are just happy being peaches.

The orange just does its thing.

It likes the fruit bowl just fine, but sometimes she likes to roll out of the bowl and do other things. When the orange wants to be in a different bowl for a bit, it pays for the bowl, she designs the new bowl with her own money, she selects the other fruit in the bowl, she arranges the bowl, and shoots video of the bowl all with her own money.

Then, she goes to the people who own the bowl and asks nicely, “I have this great idea for another bowl you might like.

Here is a sizzle reel I produced about the bowl.

Please watch it. If you like it, I will help pay for the bowl.

We can work on producing it together.

And if we sell a lot of bowls we can get more bowls for me to hang out in.

Let me know what you think!”

And the people liked the orange and the oranges ideas and they made many bowls together and allowed the orange to hang out in other people’s bowls.

The peaches were happy for the orange and content in the first bowl for the most part.

The orange was sweet and treated people and fruit nicely.

But the sour apple was becoming more and more sour in the bowl.

The sour apple went to the people and said,

“I am the best fruit in the bowl!

I want my own bowl.

Figure something out for me.

It needs to be a better bowl than the orange!

I want you to pay me to move to a better bowl!

Do it now!”

And the people didn’t like that.

So the people threw the sour apple in the trash.

Then the people and the other fruit hear the sour apple screaming!

“You are mistreating me because I am green!”

The other fruit thought that was odd.

They were all green once, and then they matured and got sweeter.

The apple just stayed green and sour.

The orange rolled around between a lot of bowls.

But was always happy to return to the bowl with the peaches.

One day there was a new peach.

And the peaches, and the orange and most especially the people who own all the bowls lived happily ever after.

And the green apple began to rot and while still sour, also started to stink until the trash was finally taken out to the street.

And the apple still wondering why no one realizes that the was the best fruit in the bowl.

The end.

Green, sour apple: NeNe Leakes

Bunch of peaches: Real Housewives of Atlanta

Tasty orange: Kandi Burruss

Bowl owners: Bravo

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