Imagine being plucked from obscurity to be on a reality show.

Suddenly, you need an entertainment attorney to handle your contracts.

Back when this all first started, many members of ensemble casts would find out about an attorney from another cast member and that is why so many of them have the same attorney.

This is a really bad idea, but they didn’t seem to know that at the time.

The only time you want the same attorney as someone else on the show is if you are bargaining as a group.

A husband and wife for example.

Yet many members of ensemble casts across franchises are still using the same attorney. The smart ones are not.

Two rivals (Linda and Kate) have been sharing the same attorney for many years and are very competitive with each other when it comes to salaries.

Linda has always assumed she was the highest paid.

When she found out how much Kate was making, she threw a fit.

The back and forth contract fights between these two has been going on for years.

Both fought for a Most Favored Nation clause for years.

Linda finally got it on the most recent season along with the highest pay PER EPISODE ever paid for this particular show (not the franchise).

An MFN is a clause that means that no one else can make more than the MFN.

Her MFN is a PER EPISODE deal.

So she makes the most per episode of any other housewife on her show.

If anyone else on her show gets a raise per episode above hers, they have to match it for Linda.

She was very happy.

Until she was not included on every episode.

When Kate found out she was FURIOUS.

So when Kate made her first appearance on the show for the season, she was very salty with Linda because it was the first time she had seen her since she heard the news.

Her rude comments seemed on the surface to be random barbs from long ago, but her real issue with Linda was her MFN clause.

You see, initially Kate and Linda were both offered part-time contracts for the season.

The network’s goal was to pit them against each other and make them duke it out for the one full-time slot on the following season.

However, someone was fired and Linda got the full-time role back for the current season.

Currently, Kate is slotted to replace someone who is very likely to be fired after this season.

At least that is the current plan.

Still, in the end, a third person, Karmen is making the most money overall if you count her other projects on the network that include multiple checks.

Karmen is on every episode and that is most likely part of her contract.

She does not use the same attorney as Linda and Kate do.

Karmen also has a deal for first look talent for other pitches, specials and spin-offs that includes executive producer status.

Meanwhile, Linda’s rival Kate is making more than Linda in overall income because she has spinoff and gets production rights from that show which comes with another small check.

The filming schedule of that show is being rearranged to allow for Kate to be available when the next season begins filming.

Oh did I mention Kate hired another attorney to send cease and desist letters to Linda and a part-timer for slanderous comments?

Because that happened.

I believe another website got one as well.

So of the three, Linda probably makes the least overall.

She definitely does if you consider the network income of other members of Karmen and Kate’s households.

And I don’t think Linda realizes this.

Can you identify Linda, Kate and Karmen?

Linda: NeNe Leakes

Kate: Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Karmen: Kandi Burruss

Show: Real Housewives of Atlanta

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