This Southern Housewife and her husband had a massive Halloween blowout fight.

Apparently he ripped her Halloween costume when they were fighting and then she slammed into a door which broke the frame.

He left shortly after.

He probably went to hook up with that woman he has been seeing that used to have sex with another now ex husband from the same cast.

Kandi Burruss

Husband: Todd Tucker

Other woman: Kenya Moore

Ex-husband: Apollo Nida (ex: Phaedra Parks)

Apollo Nida Admits Cheating on Phaedra Parks With Kenya Moore – Real Housewives of Atlanta Scandal

I guess before Apollo Nida is hauled off to jail for 8 years he is going to wreck as much havoc as possible on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Up until now both Apollo and Kenya Moore have insisted that nothing ever happened between them.

They were caught exchanging text messages that were a bit too friendly, leaving his wife, Phaedra Parks furious, but supposedly it stopped there.

At least that was the old story.

Now according to a source at MTO Apollo is singing a different tune.

He now has told Bravo’s rolling cameras that he was most certainly trying to sleep with Kenya and that the two have at the very least kissed.

Perhaps this new bit of honesty stems from the fact that Apollo himself has predicted the demise of his marriage because Phaedra was a no-show at his sentencing.

He doesn’t think that he can stomach much more of her, so therefore there’s no reason to continue covering his ass, right?

It’s a nifty game of tit for tat, you don’t come to my sentencing,

I’ll admit I was trying to get with Kenya. – Source

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